Stiegl Radler Grapefruit – Austria



Ah, Stiegl Radler the Ultimate Summer Sipper now available in Calgary…thanks Austria!

It’s really not like a beer at all but more like a (gasp!) cooler but made with beer. Some call it a Shandy.  It’s very low in alcohol  (ABV: 2.5%) and in calories if you were counting that would be 75 cals/250 mL and one of those beverages you could drink all day and not even notice you were smashed. That’s probably because half of it is grapefruit soda….and the other half  Stiegl Goldbrau.

There are two other flavours, though I’ve never seen them; raspberry and lemon.

I bought mine at Sobey’s Liquor in Millrise, Calgary but I’ve also seen it at Willow Park Wines and Spirits and Sundance Wine Market.

Apparently, Craft Beer Market has the zitrone (lemon) on tap but I have yet to confirm this.

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