Vulcan Ale – Live Long and Prosper


Not many people can say that they live within an hours drive of the coolest town in the galaxy….Vulcan, Alberta. The little town has embraced their Star Trek heritage wholeheartedly and have a beer to prove it.  If you ever get a chance to visit the Trek Station make sure to stop and check out many of the murals, parks, and statues paying homage to everyone’s favourite Vulcan, Spock.  This coming weekend is a great time to go for a visit as they are celebrating their Centennial Year…one hundred years of being super cool.

The May release of Vulcan Ale by Harvest Moon Brewing Company in Montana was timed to coincide with both the release of Star Trek: Into Darkness and the Town of Vulcan‘s Centennial.

Vulcan Ale (5.4% ABV)  fits into the category of a red ale. I found it quite sweet, with caramel/malt tones.

Imbibing in this libation at another date would be a logical choice.

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