Humpdays at Village Brewery and the Brünette Dünkelweizen Launch

It has been a good long while since I’ve posted on the old beer bloggo…not to worry though, I’ve been drinking beer the whole summer.

It’s October, which as far as I’m concerned, should be ‘World Beer Month’. It’s the time to enjoy heavier, darker beers with your game meats and stews. Or with a nice spicy chocolate cake. Now what to drink with that cake…

Village Brewery has released the newest member of the village family and her name is Brünette. She’s a smooth drinking, low head/carbonation Dünkelweizen which comes in at 5.5% AV. With the light hoppy touch and slightly spicy malt flavours this beer goes down nice and easy. You can drink it cold out of the tap but I like to let mine sit a bit so that the warm temperature flavours come through. Compared to their dark ale, Village Blacksmith (which is clear and very dark red), Brünette appears brownish and cloudy due to it being an unfiltered dark wheat beer.

brunetteYou’re in luck because soon you will be able to hold your very own Brünette in your hot little hands. It is available in the new Winter Variety Pack along with the Village Blonde, Maiden, and Blacksmith.  You can also buy Brünette on its own in growlers and kegs. niceboxVillage Brewery has also decided to offer it’s brews in a previously unavailable six pack…YAY! That’s two more beers than in the four packs for you geniuses out there.

thebrunettefamilyIt’s a party just for you Brünette. Welcome to the Family

The art on the new Winter Variety pack box was created by local ‘Grandfather of grafitti’ David Brunning. He organized a photo shoot of variously clad legs in positions that echo the words ‘Village Brewery’, then converted the photos into his own style. You can see the ‘V’ in the photo above. The new six pack boxes were designed to stack together, not because they have right angles but because they have halves of bottles on each corner so that when you put them together you get…a full beer! Well done math whizzes!


This young guy who looks like he just cut university classes for a beer launch is actually the brewmaster responsible for Village Brünette.

Humpdays. They sure sound more exciting than they really are…unless you work at Village Brewery. On every first and third Wednesday of the month they have a little beer celebration and sometimes, like yesterday it involved a new beer launch. You never know who is going to show up but for certain you will find some interesting and inspired conversation and great beer.

Village Brewery

5000 12A Street SE
Calgary, Alberta


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