International Beer Advent Calendar – Week One

Advent calendars aren’t just for kids anymore…and they aren’t filled with crappy chocolate anymore either! I’ve never been more excited about Christmas in my entire adult existence than I am this year. I’m getting so much accomplished and then relaxing every night with an International beer from my Advent Calendar.

It’s a huge box and it contains 24 bottles of International beer of various types and alcoholic content. Many are ‘seasonal’ brews especially made by craft breweries only for the holiday season.

Day 1 Nøgne Ø God Advent Extra Strong 10% ABV from Norway

Day 2 Hippa Heikki  Extra Special Bitter Ale 4.7% ABV from Finland

Day 3 Old Ale Penpoint Brewing; Cornwall UK 7.5% ABV

Day 4 Hop Blanc India Pale Ale Peak Organic Brewing 6.4% ABV USA

Day 5 Krampus Speciale ‘Strong Beer’  Sour Ale Italy 7% ABV

Day 6 Fat Man Red Suit Big Sack Strong Ale Bridge Road Brewers 7.5% ABV Australia

Day 7 Anzus India Pale Ale Croucher Brewing Company 7% ABV New Zealand

Favourite: Fat Man Red Suit

Worst beer I’ve ever tasted: Krampus Speciale


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