International Beer Advent Calendar – Week 3

Ah…things are getting a bit hectic around here! Good thing I get to relax every night with a delicious International beer every night.beercal3

Day 15 Karoo Red Amber Ale Porcupine Quill Brewing Company; South Africa 5.5% ABV

Day 16 Bersalis Kadet Belgian Blonde Brouwerij Oud Beersei 4.5% ABV

Day 17 Marmalade Porter  World Top Brewery UK 5% ABV

Day 18 Jeune Gueule  Witbier (flavoured) Brasserie Guyanaise Guyana 5 % ABV

Day 19 Winterporter Brouwerij De Molen  Netherlands 6.7% ABV

Day 20 Vixnu Imperial/Double IPA Cervejaria Colorado Brazil 9.5%

Day 21

Favourites: Definitely the Karoo Red Amber Ale and the Marmalade Porter. I’m in a Porter kind of mood lately!



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