Humpday at Village Brewery – Grandfather IPA Launch

Last Wednesday Grandpa became part of the Village family during the latest humpday launch at the brewery. He was slightly bitter about it but his fruity overtones (much like his Hawaiian shirt) eventually became the essence of the brew.

Grandfather IPA is a stunner of an IPA. I was getting all set to make this my beer of Summer 2015 when I was gently reminded that there are only 1500 bottles in existence…well less now because we drank a few at the launch, then some went home with me…

This beer is very technical and complicated…dammit why can’t beer can’t be the boring old horse piss it used to be? The simple answer is people no longer want horse piss, they want a beer they can study and pick apart, then enjoy it knowing that they are the master of all beer connoisseurs.

The stunning golden colour appears courtesy of Canadian 2 row, Munich malts, and roasted barley. The glorious passionfruit aromas and lively tropical hop notes are courtesy of Galena, Chinook, Cascade, Centennial, Simcoe, Waimea, and Azzeca hop varietals which were added to the brew at 18 different intervals. Perhaps one or two of those are responsible for the background earthy pine aromas.

This had to be one of my most favourite ‘humpdays’ yet. Village Brewery jedi Jim Button had a bus load of saucy seniors brought in to join the launch. MaryAnne and I chatted about gardening, then later Larry and I got into a serious ‘Historic Beers of Calgary’ discussion. Good times!

Grandfather IPA Specifics

Malt: Canadian 2 row, munich,  with touches of caramel and roasted barley.

Hops: 18 hop additions of Galena,  Chinook, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook,  Simcoe, Waimea and Azzeca.

Alcohol: 7.2%

Bitterness: 75 IBU

Production: 1500 – 600 ml bottles  in 2015

Brewer: Jackson Stuart; Village Brewery; Calgary, Alberta; Canada

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