About Me and Beer

This Hops n Bubbles blog appeared out of necessity. I needed some place to keep my beer addled thoughts. A place to compare notes and memories of beers gone by.

Though my food blog Dish ‘n’ the Kitchen is doing well and I love making food, dreaming of making food and writing about food, I also love beer.

I come by this love of beer honestly. My Father and Grandpa both worked at Molson’s brewery in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. The beer of choice for almost everyone in a farming community or small town in Saskatchewan is Pilsner. I’m not talking about a type of beer but the actual beer named Pilsner, brewed by Molson, Inc.

I won’t promise the pictures will be pretty, though I’ll try my best. They will usually be taken immediately, during or after consumption to varying degrees of clarity. I will probably be using my cell phone (gasp!) especially if I am enjoying a beer in a restaurant, pub or brew house.

I am excited to see so many local brew houses and brewpubs showing up here in Calgary and I shall try to document my visits to them to the best of my ability.

On that you have my word.



Background Photo on blog by Nucu Paslaru and taken from wallpapers-room.com

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